RWR Advisory Group is a Washington, D.C-based consulting firm that specializes in the risks present at the intersection of global business activity and national security concerns.


RWR provides intelligence and analytical support in this area for government agencies and risk management services for private sector clients. RWR has extensive expertise tracking and mapping the ways in which security-related threats are aided directly and indirectly by the operations of corporate entities engaging in seemingly legitimate activities. Our proprietary software tool, IntelTrak, focuses on this area by illuminating the global footprints of Chinese and Russian companies.

RWR also focuses on the role of economic and financial activity in the projection of soft power to gain influence and control over other countries and industrial sectors.

RWR is similarly able to assist with the compliance and risk management needs of private sector entities seeking to understand how to protect their global operations, share value and reputations from the security-related challenges present in todays global business environment. These include navigating sanctions policy, money laundering regulations and geopolitical risk.