After Removal from F‑35 Program, Turkey Considers Su-35 Procurement

On August 12, Ros­tec indi­cat­ed that it would be pre­pared to sell Su-35 fight­ers to Turkey.  This fol­lowed a report in the Turk­ish media on August 10 that local defense pro­cure­ment author­i­ties had called on the Turk­ish mil­i­tary to con­sid­er acquir­ing the air­craft. On July 17, the Unit­ed States announced that it was remov­ing Turkey from the F‑35 next gen­er­a­tion fight­er pro­gram in response to Turkey’s acqui­si­tion of the S‑400 mis­sile defense sys­tem. The White House said, “The F‑35 can­not coex­ist with a Russ­ian intel­li­gence col­lec­tion plat­form that will be used to learn about its advanced capa­bil­i­ties.” The Pen­ta­gon added, “We seek only to pro­tect the long term secu­ri­ty of the F‑35 pro­gram.”  Turkey’s response to its removal from the F‑35 pro­gram will also report­ed­ly include extend­ing the life cycle of air­craft already in ser­vice and con­sid­er­ing pur­chas­ing air­craft from Chi­na and Pak­istan — as well as Rus­sia.