Analyzing the U.S. Capital Markets Footprint of Chinese Companies Sanctioned for Human Rights Violations in Xinjiang, China

In a new report, RWR Advisory Group highlights the capital markets footprints of those Chinese companies that have been officially sanctioned or authoritatively cited for human rights related abuses in Xinjiang, including forced labor. This report identifies how certain of these companies are present in the U.S. capital markets, including in prominent equity indexes, Exchange-Traded Funds and other major institutional investment products and services. The report includes a section dedicated to companies that have been subject to official U.S. action for human rights abuses in Xinjiang and another for those that have been named by other credible public sources for the same reasons (but not yet officially sanctioned or designated). A third section of the report highlights accused companies that, while not presently publicly traded, have shown an interest in entering the capital markets, including via prospective initial public offerings.