Russia to Partner with Finnish Company to Further Explore Building Scandinavia into Strategic North-South Transport Corridor

On June 3, Finnish logistic services provider Nurminen Logistics signed a memorandum of cooperation with RZD Logistics, a subsidiary of state-owned Russian Railways (RZD), to study logistics opportunities in Scandinavia, Asia, and Europe within the framework of the Moscow-led International North-South Transport Corridor (INSTC).

Afghanistan Begins Road Link to China; Beijing Discusses Adding Afghanistan to CPEC

On May 23, a government official in Afghanistan disclosed that construction had begun on a $5 million road in the country’s Pamir mountain region that will become the sole land route between Afghanistan and China. Once completed, the official noted that the road would be used to export raw materials to the Chinese market from untapped Afghan mines.

Chinese Space Contractor to Install New Satellite Ground Station in Southern Argentina

On May 23, the Argentinian government announced that a local commercial satellite manufacturer, Ascentio Technologies SA, will partner with a Beijing-based counterpart, Satelliteherd (also known as Beijing Aerospace Yuxing Technology Co. Ltd.), to install a satellite ground station at an industrial park situated on National Route 3 in Argentina’s southern city of Rio Gallegos. Rio Gallegos was specifically selected for its proximity to the ...