Russia Initiates Freight Train Service on New Kerch Strait Bridge Linking Mainland Russia to Crimea

On June 30, Russia sent two freight trains over its newly constructed Kerch Strait bridge that now connects the Krasnodar region of mainland Russia to the annexed Crimea. These first two trains marked the ceremonial launch and opening of the new route, officially integrating Crimea with Russia’s domestic freight transport infrastructure.

Russian Mercenaries Disrupt Operations at Libya’s Largest Oil Field

This week, Libyan diplomats called for sanctions on the Kremlin and on Russian mercenary forces working under the company, Wagner Group, who, on June 26, forcibly entered and disrupted operations at the El-Sharara oilfield (Libya’s largest oilfield accounting for one-third of the country’s oil output). El-Sharara is controlled by Libya’s National Oil Corporation (NOC), which is operated by Libya’s UN-backed Government of National Accord ...

China Releases List of Chinese Names for Sea Beds in the East China Sea, Conducts Dual-Use Survey Activity in South China Sea

Amidst rising tensions in the East and South China Seas, on June 23, China’s Ministry of Natural Resources released a list of Chinese names for 50 underwater seabeds and geographic entities in the East China Sea, near Japan’s Senkaku Islands – an apparent bid to further exert Beijing’s claims over the maritime exclusive economic zones of other countries in the region.