Amidst Coronavirus Crisis, Indian Oil Corporation Enters into Strategic Partnership with China-Backed Paytm in Further Embrace of Cashless Payments

On January 15, Indian online-payment platform, Paytm, will launch Paytm Payment Bank (PPB), a new online financial services system that aims to address India’s demonetization crisis, leading the way into a new "cashless" economy for the country. Paytm has over 160 million users, a number that continues to grow, as a result of India’s demonetization policy, which is un-circulating 86% of its cash in an effort to tackle corruption and ...

COVID-19 Closures in DRC Could Disrupt Chinese Metals Mining; Key Component of China’s Lucrative Batteries Industry

On March 23, the government of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) implemented a temporary lockdown in the country’s southern Haut-Katanga province over concerns of a severe coronavirus outbreak. The closure of the province is expected to cause major disruptions in the international supply chain of raw materials such as cobalt, copper, and lithium, which are crucial to China’s high-tech industries.

Chinese Development Bank Makes Additional Loans to Sri Lanka, Links Additional Financing to Fight Against Coronavirus

Thus far in March 2020, the state-owned China Development Bank has extended two separate tranches of $500 million and $700 million to Sri Lanka as part of $1.2 billion in loans promised to the island nation to assist in their fight against the coronavirus.