RWR Data Featured in Financial Times “Big Read” Article on China’s Behavior within International Industrial Standards Setting Bodies

In a "Big Read" feature piece written by James Kynge and Nian Liu of the Financial Times on October 7, RWR data is cited regarding the implementation by Chinese firms of smart and safe city projects around the world. RWR's Chief Operating Officer, Andrew Davenport, is cited offering views related to the risk implications of these activities.

RWR’s Courtney Hulse Comments on Use of Magnitsky Sanctions to Target Chinese Company in Cambodia in South China Morning Post

On September 15, Jacob Fromer of the South China Morning Post reported on new Magnitsky sanctions issued by the U.S. Treasury Department targeting Union Development Group, a Chinese-owned company actively developing Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) projects in Cambodia. The sanctions announcement cited forcible land acquisition and land degradation, and the article highlighted the projects’ benefit to Chinese entities at the expense of ...

RWR Featured in Valor Economic Article on BRI’s Slowdown in Latin America

On August 25, Marsilea Gombata of Brazil’s Valor Economico reported on the recent slowdown experienced by China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in Latin America and the Caribbean, primarily caused by COVID-19. Citing data collected by RWR, the report noted that, between 2013 and 2020, China has loaned approximately $50 billion to 19 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean countries under the banner of the Belt and Road Initiative.