Financial Times: Chinese Private Security Companies Go Global

Charles Clover of the Financial Times pens an important summary of the way that Chinese companies have come to depend on private security contractors -- increasingly domiciled in China -- and their former PLA staff to protect their growing global investments.

Armenia’s Russia Problem

In an article in The Hill, RWR's Senior Analyst, Christina Gathman, addresses the array of challenges facing Armenia that result from the dominant economic and financial position -- and resulting leverage -- established by Russia within the country over the past number of years.

The Risk behind Russia’s Bombing Campaign

In a Forbes commentary published on November 10, RWR Advisory Group's Andrew Davenport points to the unrealized risk looming for Russia's state-owned weapons manufacturers that are simultaneously facilitating the bombing of civilians in Syria and seeking to achieve a credible place in the global markets. Sukhoi, for example, the manufacturer of attack jets and bombers being used in Syria, has a subsidiary that, after years of investment, ...