The Risk behind Russia’s Bombing Campaign

In a Forbes commentary published on November 10, RWR Advisory Group's Andrew Davenport points to the unrealized risk looming for Russia's state-owned weapons manufacturers that are simultaneously facilitating the bombing of civilians in Syria and seeking to achieve a credible place in the global markets. Sukhoi, for example, the manufacturer of attack jets and bombers being used in Syria, has a subsidiary that, after years of investment, ...

Houston Chronicle: Campaign Rhetoric Aside, China-Texas Ties Growing

On December 21, 2015, the Houston Chronicle published a report using RWR’s IntelTrak data to illuminate China’s investment activity in Texas and the risk exposure associated with that activity. The article quoted RWR’s Andrew Davenport on the importance of understanding the global footprints of Chinese companies for risk management and policy purposes.

Financial Times: Falling Oil Prices and Slow Growth Push China to Find New Friends

In a Financial Times article published on November 12, 2015, Andrew Davenport discusses China’s investments in Latin America shifting away from ideological allies to other regional states, yet preserving their overall momentum of new business on the continent.