Macdonald Laurier Institute: Iran’s Leaders Keep a Wary Eye on Ukraine

In follow-up to the Forbes piece of February 26, this article published in the Macdonald Laurier Institute’s “Inside Policy” magazine, revisits the possibility of Ukraine’s combustible formula being replayed in Iran pending the outcome of ongoing negotiations.

Forbes: Is Iran the Next Ukraine?

On February 24, 2014, Andrew Davenport published an OpEd in Forbes, entitled “Is Iran the Next Ukraine.” The piece addresses the possibility that President Rouhani of Iran could encounter a fate similar to President Yanukovych as a result of also taking his economically struggling population to the “water’s edge” of economic integration with the West, only to have these dreams ripped away at the eleventh hour.

Macdonald Laurier Institute: China’s “Long Con” in the Arctic

In September 2013, Roger W. Robinson, Jr. published a Commentary with the Macdonald Laurier Institute regarding China’s long-term intentions in the Arctic as well as potential policy considerations in response to these activities.