Voice of America Quotes RWR Huawei Report

On February 11, Voice of America referenced RWR’s research on Chinese telecommunications manufacturer Huawei in an article examining the company’s corporate risk profile. RWR research found Huawei has been involved in $5 billion worth of business deals involving allegations of bribery and corruption.

RWR Data Featured in Financial Times

On March 7, RWR research was featured in a Financial Times report on Italy’s potential decision to formally join the Belt and Road Initiative. RWR research has found that 2,200 deals worth $1.2 trillion have been launched in more than 80 countries since the Belt and Road Initiative was launched in 2013.

Davenport Quoted in Irrawaddy

On March 4, RWR Chief Operating Officer Andrew Davenport was quoted in the Irrawaddy regarding China Communications Construction Corporation (CCCC), which is involved in building the New Yangon City project. Mr. Davenport said that CCCC and other Chinese state-owned enterprises have a track record of bidding on projects for their strategic value, rather than for commercial reasons. He also noted that the company had been accused of bribery ...