RWR Referenced in Economist Article on Increasing Disclosure Requirement for Chinese Companies

On April 6, RWR was ref­er­enced in the Econ­o­mist magazine’s “Schum­peter” col­umn. RWR CEO Roger W. Robin­son told the Econ­o­mist that momen­tum is grow­ing in Wash­ing­ton to demand more open­ness from Chi­nese and West­ern firms on their links to the Chi­nese gov­ern­ment.t

RWR Represented at Bloomberg “Financing the Future” Event

On April 2, RWR COO Andrew Dav­en­port took part in Bloomberg Live’s “Financ­ing the Future” event in Lon­don, which looked at risks and oppor­tu­ni­ties asso­ci­at­ed with the Belt and Road Ini­tia­tive. Mr. Dav­en­port par­tic­i­pat­ed in a pan­el exam­in­ing the geopo­lit­i­cal uncer­tain­ties that afflict the devel­op­ment of BRI.

RWR Data Referenced in Financial Times Article on BRI-Related Real Estate Investment

On March 31, research by RWR on Chi­nese real estate invest­ment in BRI coun­tries was ref­er­enced by the Finan­cial Times.  RWR found that that such activ­i­ty decreased from $23.6 bil­lion in 2016 to $14 bil­lion in 2018, and that invest­ment in 2019 has not yet reached $1 bil­lion.  RWR COO Andrew Dav­en­port told the Finan­cial Times, “It dose appear includ­ing in com­mer­cial real estate devel­op­ment projects in BRI ...