RWR Referenced in Economist Article on Increasing Disclosure Requirement for Chinese Companies

On April 6, RWR was referenced in the Economist magazine’s “Schumpeter” column. RWR CEO Roger W. Robinson told the Economist that momentum is growing in Washington to demand more openness from Chinese and Western firms on their links to the Chinese government.t

RWR Represented at Bloomberg “Financing the Future” Event

On April 2, RWR COO Andrew Davenport took part in Bloomberg Live’s “Financing the Future” event in London, which looked at risks and opportunities associated with the Belt and Road Initiative. Mr. Davenport participated in a panel examining the geopolitical uncertainties that afflict the development of BRI.

RWR Data Referenced in Financial Times Article on BRI-Related Real Estate Investment

On March 31, research by RWR on Chinese real estate investment in BRI countries was referenced by the Financial Times.  RWR found that that such activity decreased from $23.6 billion in 2016 to $14 billion in 2018, and that investment in 2019 has not yet reached $1 billion.  RWR COO Andrew Davenport told the Financial Times, “It dose appear including in commercial real estate development projects in BRI countries, that a noticeable ...