RWR’s CEO, Roger Robinson, Referenced in New York Times on Actions Targeting Investments in China by the Thrift Savings Plan

On May 2, RWR's CEO, Roger Robinson, was referenced in a New York Times article, entitled "Some Trump Officials Take Harder Actions on China During Pandemic," in the context of President Trump's decision to weigh in on the Thrift Savings Plan's decision to switch its international investment portfolio to a fund benchmarked against an index that includes risky Chinese companies.

RWR Data and Analysis on Belt and Road Initiative Cited by Financial Times

On April 30, the Financial Times referenced RWR's data on the total amount of lending to BRI countries by China's leading state financial institutions.  Per RWR's input, "RWR Advisory, a Washington-based consultancy, estimated that total announced lending by Chinese financial institutions to BRI projects since 2013 was $461bn."

RWR’s Robinson Quoted in Washington Post Piece Addressing High Risk Chinese Companies Present in Major Indexes

On March 12, RWR CEO Roger W. Robinson, Jr. was quoted in a Washington Post article on the inclusion of risky Chinese entities present in major investment indexes and the trickle down effect of these decisions on U.S. and other investors.