RWR Reference Sheet: Publicly Traded Chinese Military-Industrial Companies Targeted by New Executive Order

Over the past three years, RWR has been tracking the capital markets exposure of Chinese companies under various U.S. government sanctions and designations. This has included identifying the publicly traded securities of these companies (as well as their subsidiaries and affiliates) and the exchange-traded funds (ETFS), index mutual funds, and actively managed mutual funds that include exposure to these securities.

Updated List of Publicly Traded Chinese Entities Implicated by the Original Executive Order 13959 Targeting PLA-Affiliated Companies

As the Biden Administration moves to amend Executive Order 13959, put in place by the Trump Administration to restrict investment in companies that have been identified by the U.S. Department of Defense as affiliated with the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA), RWR is releasing an updated set of proprietary research that identified those publicly traded entities that are related to the originally designated entities (and potentially ...

Leveraging the Presence of Russia in the U.S. Capital Markets

In a new report, titled "Leveraging the Presence of Russia in the U.S. Capital Markets," RWR Advisory Group highlights the ways that, despite the recent imposition of additional sanctions by the Biden Administration, Russia continues to derive significant benefit from the U.S. financial sector, notably the U.S. capital markets.