Strategic Analysis: Russian Business Activity in Kenya (Abstract)

Like many other African countries, Kenya purchases a significant amount of Russian arms and has a passed a number of its security professionals through Russian-sponsored training programs and scholarships. Kenya’s purchase of Russian arms has grown considerably in recent years, although Russia is still just one of a number of procurement sources for the country. Kenya still receives a great deal of its military equipment from Spain, the ...

Strategic Analysis: Russian Business Activity in the Democratic Republic of Congo (Abstract)

Potentially due to the risk/reward calculations of becoming overly committed to an unstable DRC, it appears that Moscow has yet to establish a robust economic or financial presence in the country. With a lack of large-scale business engagement, the Russian presence appears to hinge around the following areas of cooperation and engagement:

Strategic Analysis: Russian Business Activity in Angola (Abstract)

Angola is one of Russia’s strongest partners in sub-Saharan Africa, with a relationship formed during the Cold War. The legacy of Soviet military provisions to the country has helped Angola remain a reliable market for Russian weapons exports. In the economic and financial domain, however, it is Alrosa, Russia’s state-owned diamond mining company, that forms the most significant strategic between the two countries.