The Risk Exposure of Russian Defense Companies behind the Atrocities in Syria

Although Russia’s mil­i­tary involve­ment in Syr­ia has been offi­cial­ly under­way since Sep­tem­ber 2015, its actions over the past sev­er­al weeks and months have brought into sharp relief its delib­er­ate tar­get­ing of civil­ians, most notably in Alep­po.  As in Ukraine, the Krem­lin had hoped that the “fog of war” would inter­fere with the attri­bu­tion of the bar­barism and alleged war crimes tak­ing place.  West­ern ...

Strategic Analysis: Chinese Business Activity in Thailand (Abstract)

Following Thailand’s May 2014 military coup, relations with the United States soured, while those with China improved considerably. This was yet another case of China’s “no strings attached” policy, combined with the prospect of significant economic and financial investment, altering the geopolitical alignments of a developing country.

Strategic Analysis: Chinese Business Activity in Malaysia (Abstract)

Over the past several decades, the economic and financial relationship between Kuala Lumpur and Beijing has grown considerably, with clear political implications that have become more pronounced over the past few years. Moreover, Malaysia’s position along the Strait of Malacca increases the stature bestowed on the country by Beijing as a valued strategic partner.