Strategic Analysis: Chinese Business Activity in Cambodia (Abstract)

Foreign aid makes up 30% to 40% of Cambodia’s annual budget, the majority of which comes from China in the form of low-cost financing provided by state-owned banks with conditions that typically lead to contracts for Chinese state-owned enterprises. Whether classified as aid, trade or investment, China is considered to be Cambodia’s largest trading partner, its most significant source of FDI and its largest supplier of military support. ...

Strategic Analysis: Chinese Business Activity in Burma (Abstract)

Under the rule of the military junta, Burma welcomed large-scale Chinese investment from China’s state-owned banks and contractors that were willing, as they have been in other underdeveloped countries, to operate in a culture of corruption and unconstrained by the humanitarian and environmental carnage that would have deterred most major companies.

Strategic Analysis: Chinese Business Activity in Kenya (Abstract)

Kenya’ diversified economy is less reliant than other countries in the region on its natural resources as a driver for growth, employment and other measures of economic performance and prosperity. Although oil discoveries over the past few years have the potential to make Kenya a more significant exporter of energy, thus far, China’s massive investments in the country have been driven by other priorities.