Strategic Analysis: Russian Business Activity in Zambia (Abstract)

Following a history dating back to the Cold War and shifting allegiances that primarily had the Soviet Union leveraging its strong position in Zambia for other regional ambitions, today, Russia’s relationship with Zambia hinges primarily on educational and training opportunities served up by Russia in the academic and military spheres.

Strategic Analysis: Russian Business Activity in Kenya (Abstract)

Like many other African countries, Kenya purchases a significant amount of Russian arms and has a passed a number of its security professionals through Russian-sponsored training programs and scholarships. Kenya’s purchase of Russian arms has grown considerably in recent years, although Russia is still just one of a number of procurement sources for the country. Kenya still receives a great deal of its military equipment from Spain, the ...

Strategic Analysis: Russian Business Activity in the Democratic Republic of Congo (Abstract)

Potentially due to the risk/reward calculations of becoming overly committed to an unstable DRC, it appears that Moscow has yet to establish a robust economic or financial presence in the country. With a lack of large-scale business engagement, the Russian presence appears to hinge around the following areas of cooperation and engagement: