Press Release: China’s Global Business Activity Visualized by New Online Tool


On October 4, RWR Advisory Group launched an online tool that provides visual and quantitative analytics on the global business transactions of Chinese and Russian companies — updated on a daily basis. The tool, called IntelTrak, is the result of a multi-year research effort to collect information on each significant business transaction of China and Russia over the past five years in order to understand how these global business footprints have evolved over time.
IntelTrak applies an empirical transaction-by-transaction research methodology to determine specifically what type of business these companies are doing globally, where such business is taking place, which entities are involved and over what timeframe. Answers to these and other questions are provided daily, both at a granular level and visualized in the aggregate.

IntelTrak permits users to produce visual results based on filters including: industry, status, transaction type and location.  The user can also access options to show which countries, regions or cities are the most prominent destinations for Russian or Chinese companies, either by number of transactions or transaction value.

The fee-based version of the tool, IntelTrak Pro, permits users to dig deeper by accessing detailed information on the transactions, including filtering by company name (as well as an option to wrap in all members of a company’s family tree) and a wide variety of other granular data points.

The tool serves as a risk management, diligence, compliance and research tool for private sector entities, particularly for assessing political and reputational risk. For government agencies, it illuminates the foreign policy and security implications of the global footprints of these predominantly state-controlled enterprises.
RWR Advisory Group is a Washington, D.C‑based consulting firm that specializes in the risks present at the intersection of global business activity and national security concerns. RWR provides intelligence and analytical support in this area for government agencies and risk management services for private sector clients.