Risk and Threat Reports, Advisory Services, and Due Diligence

Risk Reports and Threat Assess­ments.  Cus­tomized Research and Analy­sis.

  • Exper­tise on Chi­na and Rus­sia
  • Polit­i­cal Risk Analy­sis
  • For­eign Invest­ment Risk Screen­ing
  • Hybrid Threats
  • Enti­ty Risk Analy­sis (China/Russia)
  • Eco­nom­ic Research and Analy­sis
Compliance Lists, Screening Data for Investment Managers

Com­pli­ance Solu­tions, Screen­ing Data for Invest­ment Man­agers.  Lists of high risk Chi­nese and Russ­ian com­pa­nies.

RWR data and screen­ing ser­vices iden­ti­fy those Chi­nese and Russ­ian com­pa­nies that are most exposed to rep­u­ta­tion­al and finan­cial risk across a num­ber of cut­ting edge con­cerns, includ­ing nation­al secu­ri­ty and human rights.

  • Lists of High Risk Chi­nese and Russ­ian Com­pa­nies
  • Reg­u­lar­ly Updat­ed Data
  • Enti­ty Risk Assess­ment Tool for Port­fo­lio Screen­ing
  • Advi­so­ry Ser­vices on Invest­ment Screen­ing
Company Risk Profiles, Reputational Risk Data, and Esg Ratings

Com­pa­ny Risk Pro­files. Rep­u­ta­tion­al Risk Data. ESG Rat­ings.  Data and risk scores for Chi­nese and Russ­ian com­pa­nies.

RWR tracks, cat­a­logues and scores the spe­cif­ic expo­sure of Chi­nese and Russ­ian com­pa­nies to a large num­ber of nation­al secu­ri­ty, human rights and envi­ron­men­tal, social and gov­er­nance (ESG) relat­ed risk and threat fac­tors.

  • Detailed Com­pa­ny Risk Pro­files, Risk Scores
  • Enti­ty Risk Assess­ment Tool
  • In-Depth Com­pa­ny Reports
  • Reg­u­lar­ly Updat­ed Data
IntelTrak: Tracking Transactions and Threats

Intel­Trak Analy­sis.  Dai­ly analy­sis of the risks and threats from Chi­nese and Russ­ian busi­ness activ­i­ty.  

  • Cus­tom Risk and Threat Analy­sis of Indi­vid­ual Deals
  • Dai­ly Analy­sis by Full-Time Experts
  • Search­able Archive of Past and Present Risky Deals
  • Glob­al Cov­er­age
  • Dai­ly Email Updates

Intel­Trak Data.  Track­ing Chi­nese and Russ­ian for­eign invest­ment activ­i­ty.

IntelTrak Global

IntelTrak Global

Sub­scrip­tion access to dai­ly updat­ed archive of Chi­nese and Russ­ian busi­ness activ­i­ty glob­al­ly.
IntelTrak by Region

IntelTrak by Region

Sub­scrip­tion access to dai­ly updat­ed archive of Chi­nese or Russ­ian trans­ac­tions by indi­vid­ual region.
IntelTrak by Sector

IntelTrak by Sector

Sub­scrip­tion access to dai­ly updat­ed archive of Chi­nese or Russ­ian trans­ac­tions by indi­vid­ual sec­tor.
The Belt and Road Monitor Newsletter

Belt and Road Mon­i­tor.  A biweek­ly newslet­ter track­ing the Belt and Road Ini­tia­tive.

The Belt and Road Mon­i­tor is a biweek­ly newslet­ter that pro­vides gran­u­lar infor­ma­tion on Chi­nese busi­ness activ­i­ty occur­ring with­in Bei­jing’s Belt and Road Ini­tia­tive. The Mon­i­tor includes sec­tions devot­ed to the fol­low­ing.

  • Macro Sta­tis­tics and Info-Graph­ics.
  • Updat­ed Charts and Graphs of BRI Activ­i­ty.
  • High Pro­file Quotes/Statements Regard­ing BRI.
  • Short Analy­ses of the Top Devel­op­ments and Trends.
  • Descrip­tions of All Indi­vid­ual BRI Trans­ac­tions.