Huawei, China Unicom to Build 6000-km Cameroon-Brazil Fiber Optic Cable

Chi­nese tele­com equip­ment man­u­fac­tur­er Huawei has part­nered with ser­vice provider Chi­na Uni­com to build a 6000-km under­sea cable link­ing Kribi, Cameroon with For­t­aleza in Brazil.  The cable will pro­vide the great­est lev­el of data trans­mis­sion capa­bil­i­ty link­ing South Amer­i­ca and Africa.  Using Huawei Marine’s lead­ing 100 G tech­nol­o­gy, it will have an ini­tial sys­tem capac­i­ty of 32 Tbps and come into ser­vice at the end of 2017.  Part of Cameroon’s Nation­al Broad­band Net­work (NBN) ini­tia­tive, it will also bring much-need­ed capac­i­ty expan­sion to the under­served Cameroon­ian market.

The Export-Import Bank of Chi­na will pro­vide most of the financ­ing for the project, which has been under nego­ti­a­tion since 2015, but Huawei will also pro­vide some of the fund­ing.  For Huawei, the cable builds upon the firm’s hand­set sales in Cameroon, where it also com­plet­ed a solar pow­er sta­tion in 2015.  In Brazil, Huawei spon­sors soc­cer club San­tos and also assist­ed Span­ish tele­com com­pa­ny Tele­fon­i­ca in the upgrad­ing of a 4G net­work cov­er­ing 11 coun­tries across Latin America.

Huawei Marine has report­ed­ly sub-con­tract­ed the cable sup­ply for this con­tract to Nor­we­gian firm Nex­ans, which will deliv­er the cable to Huawei for lay­ing by the end of 2017.  Huawei pre­vi­ous­ly part­nered with Nex­ans in deliv­er­ing the Nige­ria-Cameroon Sub­ma­rine Cable Sys­tem, which con­sti­tut­ed Phase I of the NBN project.