Huawei Denmark Offers “No-Spy” Agreement

On July 22, 2019, it was reported that the new national head of Huawei Denmark wants to have a dialog with Danish politicians who are worried about the Chinese telecom giant. He has apparently indicated Huawei’s willingness to sign a “no-spy” agreement with Denmark, if that can alleviate the politicians’ concerns about the Chinese telecom giant. The no-spy contract would stipulate that Huawei will never install back doors in its products. Huawei’s offer of a no-spy contract has received a mixed reception within Danish politics. Some parties believe the Danish Government should not get involved in agreements entered into by private companies. Others have said the threat from cyber espionage is one of the biggest threats to Denmark and Danish interests. The Danish People’s Party has proposed adopting a government ban on Huawei. Previously, Huawei also offered to sign a no-spy agreement with the United Kingdom.