Huawei Inaugurates “5G Nation” Project in Monaco

On July 12, 2019, Monaco inaugurated a 5G system developed by Huawei in cooperation with Monaco Telecom.  Earlier, in March 2019, the two companies signed a strategic agreement to implement an Internet of Things project in support of Monaco’s “5G Nation” project.  For Huawei, the project is reportedly seen as an opportunity to burnish its credentials in the face of rising security-related scrutiny.  As Huawei Vice President Guo Ping said, “Monaco is a small country… which allows us to make a shop window in a number of areas… and can serve as a model for other operators and states.”  The implementation of the 5G system is claimed to make Monaco the first European country to have full 5G coverage.  Huawei competitor Nokia disagrees, asserting that it achieved full 5G coverage of San Marino in December 2018.