Huawei Pursues Greater Role in Intelligent Computing Solutions in the Middle East

On February 12, Mannai Trading Co. WLL signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Huawei’s Intelligent Computing division regarding the development of artificial intelligence technology and the use of innovative cloud software.  Mannai Trading Co. WLL is a private company and the Middle East’s largest systems integrator.  Its parent, Mannai Corporation QPSC, is a publicly traded company with a presence across the Middle East and South Asia.  Both are based in Doha.

Mannai and Huawei reportedly intend to collaborate on intelligent computing solutions, which they will market to their customers in government as well as in the telecommunications, energy, and banking sectors, among others.  Huawei is currently investing between $15 billion and $20 billion in research and development for artificial intelligence related projects, employing approximately 80,000 employees on this work.

Mannai’s market access paired with Huawei’s strides in artificial intelligence and connections with the Chinese state present the potential for risk and threat factors that would affect a large subsection of consumers.  Risks include the creation of cyber vulnerabilities, data privacy infringement, cyber-espionage, and dual-use civil-military fusion among others.