Huawei to Increase R&D Investment in UK, China Hopes for Resumption of “Golden Era”

On July 31, Huawei announced that it was looking to increase its R&D investment in the UK next year, with the 2020 budget increasing to $18 billion from $15 billion in 2019.  The company also said it hopes to expand its partnerships with UK universities. This comes despite reports earlier in July that the UK government may ban Huawei, suggesting that the company may have identified Boris Johnson’s replacement of Theresa May as Prime Minister as leading to a softening of the government’s outlook towards China and Huawei more specifically. In addition to Huawei, state tabloid Global Times has also welcomed Johnson’s arrival in office, noting that “it is believed that further strengthening of the golden era relationship is desired by both sides” and that Johnson “has never done anything to hurt relations with Beijing.”