Huawei to Join Intel’s Security Innovation Alliance

On Novem­ber 4, 2016, Intel Secu­ri­ty announced that Huawei would be added to the Intel Secu­ri­ty Inno­va­tion Alliance.  The Alliance is a part­ner­ship between a num­ber of tech­nol­o­gy com­pa­nies that pro­vides,

…a tru­ly inte­grat­ed, con­nect­ed secu­ri­ty ecosys­tem to max­i­mize the val­ue of exist­ing cus­tomer invest­ments, improve effi­cien­cy, max­i­mize pro­tec­tion, and reduce oper­at­ing costs.

The pur­pose, osten­si­bly, is to allow firms to inte­grate their secu­ri­ty sys­tems and enhance their data ana­lyt­ics capa­bil­i­ty.  Accord­ing to the announce­ment, Huawei and Intel Secu­ri­ty

 …will work to pro­vide ‘indi­ca­tors of com­pro­mise data’ alerts to McAfee DXL and McAfee TIE, pro­vid­ing dynam­ic behav­ior ana­lyt­ics and intel­li­gence shar­ing to cus­tomers.

The addi­tion of Huawei to this cyber-secu­ri­ty alliance rais­es a num­ber of flags due to the Huawei’s his­to­ry of run­ning afoul of the U.S. secu­ri­ty com­mu­ni­ty, which has issued repeat­ed warn­ings con­cern­ing the com­pa­ny’s ties to the Chi­nese secu­ri­ty com­mu­ni­ty.  The U.S., Aus­tralian and UK gov­ern­ments have each expressed secu­ri­ty con­cerns over Huawei’s ties to the Chi­nese mil­i­tary.

The UK intel­li­gence agency, GCHQ, inspects Huawei equip­ment import­ed into the coun­try at a spe­cial­ized cen­ter, the Cyber Secu­ri­ty Eval­u­a­tion Cen­ter, as a means of doing busi­ness with the com­pa­ny.  And, in May of this year, Cana­da denied entry visas to a num­ber of Huawei employ­ees over espi­onage con­cerns.

In enter­ing the Secu­ri­ty Inno­va­tion Alliance, Huawei will be exposed to cyber secu­ri­ty tech­nolo­gies devel­oped in the U.S. and become part of a cyber secu­ri­ty ser­vice offered to cus­tomers glob­al­ly.  With increased scruti­ny of Chi­nese tech acqui­si­tions glob­al­ly, this new asso­ci­a­tion could come under some form of offi­cial scruti­ny.