In Financial Times, RWR CEO, Roger Robinson, Addresses Significance of White House Decision to Exclude Risky Chinese Entities from Federal Retirement Portfolio

As report­ed by the Finan­cial Times on Tues­day, May 12, U.S. Pres­i­dent Don­ald Trump has ordered the fed­er­al gov­ern­men­t’s $600 bil­lion pen­sion fund, the Thrift Sav­ings Plan, not to invest its port­fo­lio in Chi­nese com­pa­nies. The news came along­side two let­ters made pub­licly avail­able from Nation­al Secu­ri­ty Advi­sor Robert O’Brien and the Pres­i­den­t’s chief eco­nom­ic advi­sor, Lar­ry Kud­low, that laid out the Admin­is­tra­tion’s view that cer­tain Chi­nese com­pa­nies includ­ed in the MSCI All Coun­try World Ex U.S. Investable Mar­ket Index were exposed to fidu­cia­ry, nation­al secu­ri­ty and human rights relat­ed risk fac­tors.

RWR’s CEO, Roger Robin­son, not­ed, “The TSP deci­sion is of his­toric impor­tance because of its vast knock-on effects for the US and glob­al cap­i­tal mar­kets vis-à-vis China…The White House let­ter end­ing this Thrift Sav­ings Plan deba­cle clear­ly impli­cates the broad­er issues of US-sanc­tioned and oth­er Chi­nese cor­po­rate bad actors in our cap­i­tal mar­kets and Chi­na’s non-com­pli­ance with fed­er­al secu­ri­ties laws.”