Roger W. Robinson, Jr.

President & CEO


Mr. Robinson was a Vice President in the International Department of the Chase Manhattan Bank. He had banking responsibilities for Chases loan portfolio in the USSR, Eastern and Central Europe and Yugoslavia for five years and served for some two and a half years as a personal assistant to former Chase Chairman David Rockefeller. He also served on assignment with the Chase branch in Tokyo.

Mr. Robinson subsequently joined the National Security Council (NSC) as Senior Director of International Economic Affairs. He worked at the White House from March 1982 until September 1985. At NSC, Mr. Robinson had responsibility for all economic, financial, trade, technology and energy relationships of the United States worldwide.

Mr. Robinson served as Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Congressionally-mandated U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission from 2001 to 2006. He Co-Founded and presently Chairs the Prague Security Studies Institute.  He has published extensively on security-related risk in the global capital markets and East-West economic and financial relations. He has served as an expert witness on numerous occasions before both Senate and House Committees and has appeared on major media outlets for over three decades.



Andrew Davenport

Chief Operating Officer


Mr. Davenport has extensive experience researching corporate and banking activity in countries of security concern and providing related risk management advisory services to both private and public sector clients. He has done pioneering work in sensitizing the global financial markets to global security risk through new open source research techniques, strengthened corporate governance and informed shareholder activism.

Mr. Davenport was previously co-founder and Vice President of Conflict Securities Advisory Group (CSAG) from 2001 to 2009. During this period, CSAG emerged as the leading provider of research on corporate ties to U.S.-sanctioned states and related compliance products to leading institutional investors, asset managers and state and federal government agencies.

Mr. Davenport has published in a number of venues, including theWashington Post,U.S. News and World Report, Forbes and the Journal of International Security Affairs. He has testified before the U.S. Congress and served as an expert panelist at a number of conferences and roundtables. Mr. Davenport is also a Board Member of the Prague Security Studies Institute (PSSI), a think tank dedicated to international security policy, and IdealsWork, Inc., an independent research provider of corporate data and consulting services on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues.