Robinson Quoted in Federal News Network Story of TSP Fund’s Move to China-Inclusive Index

On September 13, RWR CEO Roger W. Robinson was quoted in an article published by the Federal News Network on criticism by lawmakers and policy observers of plans for the Thrift Savings Plan, a federal retirement system, to mirror the Morgan Stanley Capital International All Country World ex U.S. Investable Market Index, which includes China and Russia. Robinson said that the Thrift Savings Plan “…made this decision, for market-related reasons, to capture more companies in the investable universe of federal employees — sort of a technical, liquidity-oriented and yield-oriented set of considerations which, normally, is the stock and trade, if you will excuse the pun, of fund managers, but this time, when you go into emerging markets and away from developed countries where they are safely today, you encounter not just Chinese companies but in some cases national security and human rights abusers.”