RWR Featured in Washington Post Article on the Risk Exposure of Chinese Companies in MSCI Indices

On June 13, comments by RWR CEO Roger W. Robinson, Jr. were included in a Washington Post article addressing the risk factors present in certain Chinese companies being included in MSCI indices. The article highlights a letter to MSCI sent by Senator Marco Rubio on June 12, challenging the firm’s decision to increase the weighting of Chinese company shares without appropriate diligence, transparency or disclosure.  Mr. Robinson told the Post that “The Rubio letter should communicate to MSCI and other fund managers that even if they are not inclined to properly account for national security and human rights-related risk associated with the Chinese companies selected for inclusion in the index, others will.”  He added, “The letter also spells out the various types of national security and human rights abuses which constitute material, asymmetric risk to share value and corporate reputation and should be disclosed to prospective investors.”