RWR Launches Huawei Risk Tracker Tool

Over the past two decades, the emergence of Huawei onto the international scene has been accompanied by a steady stream of reported risk events that have each played important parts in shaping the current atmosphere of risk, threat and business concern over choosing the company as a partner. These risk events go well beyond declarations by the U.S. government — or other governments — of the company’s alleged culpability. They also go beyond simple requests from the U.S. government to trust them that the risk is real. The reality is that there is a rather long list of examples of Huawei raising a variety of risk concerns for their partners in the context of actual business deals that range from espionage to intellectual property theft to general concern about the ethics of the company on issues ranging from transparency to corruption.

To see the full, transactional history of Huawei’s risk events, RWR has launched its Huawei Risk Tracker tool that provides visuals and research which demonstrate just how consistent and long-running has been Huawei’s track record of alleged abuses across these various categories. To our knowledge, it is the most comprehensive resource of its kind, much of it drawn from RWR’s IntelTrak subscription tool, which has catalogued Chinese business transactions globally — as well as their related risk factors — on a daily basis since 2012.