RWR Publishes Report Detailing a Transaction-Driven Risk Profile of Huawei

On February 13, 2018, RWR published a report covering the Transactional Risk of Huawei, based an in-depth review of the global business transactions carried out by Huawei over the past decade as well as the company’s associations inside China. The intent is to present in one place a holistic view of the various ways in which Huawei’s transactions and business practices have undermined their value proposition. In the course of this research, RWR Advisory identifies a number of themes which emerge regarding Huawei that raise concerns.

What differentiates this report from others examining Huawei is its granular, transactional level analysis. The report leverages RWR’s IntelTrak tool that tracks daily the international operations of not just Huawei, but a broad spectrum of Chinese state-owned and private enterprises.