RWR Releases Report on the U.S. Capital Markets Exposure of Chinese PLA-Affiliated Companies Listed and Released by the Pentagon

Today, RWR published the attached report, entitled, “The U.S. Capital Markets Footprints of the Pentagon’s ‘First Tranche’ List of PLA-Affiliated Chinese Enterprises Operating in the United States.” The report examines the risk profiles of those companies identified publicly by the U.S. Department of Defense on June 25 for being both associated with the Chinese military (the People’s Liberation Army or PLA) and operating “directly or indirectly” in the United States. RWR has determined that at least 13 of the 20 companies identified are publicly traded and present in the U.S. capital markets, potentially exposing U.S. investors to asymmetric financial risks associated with the problematic national security- and human rights-related records of these companies.