RWR’s Courtney Hulse Comments on Use of Magnitsky Sanctions to Target Chinese Company in Cambodia in South China Morning Post

On Sep­tem­ber 15, Jacob Fromer of the South Chi­na Morn­ing Post report­ed on new Mag­nit­sky sanc­tions issued by the U.S. Trea­sury Depart­ment tar­get­ing Union Devel­op­ment Group, a Chi­nese-owned com­pa­ny active­ly devel­op­ing Belt and Road Ini­tia­tive (BRI) projects in Cam­bo­dia.  The sanc­tions announce­ment cit­ed forcible land acqui­si­tion and land degra­da­tion, and the arti­cle high­light­ed the projects’ ben­e­fit to Chi­nese enti­ties at the expense of Cam­bo­di­an res­i­dents.  RWR Ana­lyst, Court­ney Hulse, not­ed that projects man­aged by UDG have also raised con­cerns about dual-use mil­i­tary poten­tial and acknowl­edged that increased U.S. gov­ern­ment action against Chi­nese enti­ties imple­ment­ing BRI projects seems like­ly.  The arti­cle ref­er­ences RWR data esti­mat­ing Chi­nese invest­ment in Cam­bo­dia since the Belt and Road Ini­tia­tive is under­stood to have begun in 2013.