RWR’s Davenport Quoted in Reuters Article on Chinese Investigation into Reuters

In a Reuters story that covered an investigation by Chinese regulators into the owners of Hikvision, RWR’s Andrew Davenport offered comments on the reaction from Washington, DC. “Andrew Davenport, chief operating officer of Washington-based risk consultancy RWR Advisory, said he did not think the investigation would immediately worsen perceptions of the firm in the United States given Washington was mainly concerned about data and cyber security.”

Hikvision has attracted significant negative scrutiny, in large part due to its operations in Xinjiang, per the Reuters report.

Hikvision was one of eight firms added to a U.S. blacklist in October aimed at punishing Beijing for its treatment of Muslim minorities in the north-western region of Xinjiang. 

The firm allegedly provided equipment to police throughout Xinjiang, where China has been accused by Washington of repression, arbitrary detention and mass surveillance of the Muslim minority.”