RWR’s “Problem Transactions” Data Featured in Financial Times

On July 9, an arti­cle by Finan­cial Times Emerg­ing Mar­kets Edi­tor James Kyn­ge fea­tured RWR’s “prob­lem trans­ac­tions” data as part of a look at the per­for­mance of BRI-relat­ed projects since 2013.  Our data showed that 14 per­cent – or 234/ 1,674 – of Chi­nese infra­struc­ture projects across 66 BRI coun­tries have encoun­tered some kind of prob­lem or local push-back.  These issues raised include pub­lic oppo­si­tion, labor dis­putes, per­for­mance delays, and nation­al secu­ri­ty-relat­ed con­cerns.