RWR’s Ricardo Barrios Comments on BRI in Latin America in Dialogo Chino

RWR’s Senior Ana­lyst, Ricar­do Bar­rios, was fea­tured in a piece writ­ten for Dial­o­go Chi­no on July 30, authored by Fer­min Koop. In the arti­cle, titled, “Coro­n­avirus Reshapes Belt and Road in Latin Amer­i­ca,” Mr. Bar­rios notes,

We are enter­ing into a new phase of BRI in Latin Amer­i­ca, as Chi­na has been forced to trans­form the initiative…China has less mon­ey to lend and is being more selec­tive about how it uses it, while it also has to cope with its own domes­tic eco­nom­ic problems.

Chi­na will like­ly show flex­i­bil­i­ty towards Latin America’s debt. But this doesn’t mean for­get­ting about the debt. Chi­na can’t expect the same things as before the pan­dem­ic, and show­ing flex­i­bil­i­ty will be effec­tive to gain some good will from the region. But it will be on a case-by-case basis.

Dial­o­go Chi­no is a jour­nal­ism plat­form that focus­es on the Chi­na-Latin Amer­i­ca rela­tion­ship and its devel­op­ment challenges.