RWR’s Ricardo Barrios Comments on BRI in Latin America in Dialogo Chino

RWR’s Senior Analyst, Ricardo Barrios, was featured in a piece written for Dialogo Chino on July 30, authored by Fermin Koop. In the article, titled, “Coronavirus Reshapes Belt and Road in Latin America,” Mr. Barrios notes,

We are entering into a new phase of BRI in Latin America, as China has been forced to transform the initiative…China has less money to lend and is being more selective about how it uses it, while it also has to cope with its own domestic economic problems.

China will likely show flexibility towards Latin America’s debt. But this doesn’t mean forgetting about the debt. China can’t expect the same things as before the pandemic, and showing flexibility will be effective to gain some good will from the region. But it will be on a case-by-case basis.

Dialogo Chino is a journalism platform that focuses on the China-Latin America relationship and its development challenges.