RWR’s Ricardo Barrios Offers Views on China’s “Go West” Plan in South China Morning Post

On June 26, the South China Morning Post covered the potential political risk factors at play in Beijing’s efforts to develop the Central and Western regions of the country, given the human rights issues that have gained such profile in the country’s treatment of the Uighur population Xinjiang. In this article, RWR’s Ricardo Barrios made the following observation,

A lot of the focus will be on Xinjiang, not on the rest of the west. The plans are currently for 12 provinces from Sichuan to Inner Mongolia…That’s important, because while we may see that some companies are squeamish about investing in Xinjiang, they might be OK with investing in Sichuan, Gansu or other regions. But I would say that there is still cause for more diligence when companies are considering this.