RWR’s Ricardo Barrios Offers Views on China’s “Go West” Plan in South China Morning Post

On June 26, the South Chi­na Morn­ing Post cov­ered the poten­tial polit­i­cal risk fac­tors at play in Bei­jing’s efforts to devel­op the Cen­tral and West­ern regions of the coun­try, giv­en the human rights issues that have gained such pro­file in the coun­try’s treat­ment of the Uighur pop­u­la­tion Xin­jiang. In this arti­cle, RWR’s Ricar­do Bar­rios made the fol­low­ing observation,

A lot of the focus will be on Xin­jiang, not on the rest of the west. The plans are cur­rent­ly for 12 provinces from Sichuan to Inner Mongolia…That’s impor­tant, because while we may see that some com­pa­nies are squea­mish about invest­ing in Xin­jiang, they might be OK with invest­ing in Sichuan, Gan­su or oth­er regions. But I would say that there is still cause for more dili­gence when com­pa­nies are con­sid­er­ing this.