A visual analytic tool that tracks the global operations of Chinese and Russian enterprises and assesses the associated policy and business risks.


Compare IntelTrak Lite to IntelTrak Pro.

IntelTrak is the world’s first visual analytic tool that tracks and maps the global business footprints of Chinese and Russian companies. These footprints are established by identifying and analyzing each individual business transaction and office location involving these companies.

It is enhanced by original treatment of the complex family tree connections that are often employed by these entities in their international engagements.

IntelTrak coverage is real-time and global. Its functionality includes a range of filters that permit the user to navigate based only on those data points that are relevant to them and includes a Risk and Compliance section that restricts search results to only those entities subject to official sanctions.

Customized notifications are also provided to users to keep them up to date on a daily basis of those transactions that are of specific interest, focusing, for example, on only those companies, industries or countries that the user has designated within their preference settings.

A short brochure is available here and a short video demonstration here .