A visual analytic tool that tracks the global operations of Chinese and Russian enterprises and assesses the associated policy and business risks.


Com­pare Intel­Trak Lite to Intel­Trak Pro.

Intel­Trak is the world’s first visu­al ana­lyt­ic tool that tracks and maps the glob­al busi­ness foot­prints of Chi­nese and Russ­ian com­pa­nies. These foot­prints are estab­lished by iden­ti­fy­ing and ana­lyz­ing each indi­vid­ual busi­ness trans­ac­tion and office loca­tion involv­ing these com­pa­nies.

It is enhanced by orig­i­nal treat­ment of the com­plex fam­i­ly tree con­nec­tions that are often employed by these enti­ties in their inter­na­tion­al engage­ments.

Intel­Trak cov­er­age is real-time and glob­al. Its func­tion­al­i­ty includes a range of fil­ters that per­mit the user to nav­i­gate based only on those data points that are rel­e­vant to them and includes a Risk and Com­pli­ance sec­tion that restricts search results to only those enti­ties sub­ject to offi­cial sanc­tions.

Cus­tomized noti­fi­ca­tions are also pro­vid­ed to users to keep them up to date on a dai­ly basis of those trans­ac­tions that are of spe­cif­ic inter­est, focus­ing, for exam­ple, on only those com­pa­nies, indus­tries or coun­tries that the user has des­ig­nat­ed with­in their pref­er­ence set­tings.

A short brochure is avail­able here and a short video demon­stra­tion here .