There is a significant blind spot within the security community and private sector with regard to the ways in which ostensibly commercial, economic and financial activity is being used to project soft power and influence.


RWR has a proven track record of being able to leverage open source intelligence to shed light on this neglected area. RWR has conducted a number of in-depth studies in recent years into the strategic motivations behind how countries, like China and Russia, position themselves strategically using their economic and financial assets — not just their military resources.

These types of threat assessments are an important to develop a”comprehensive” understanding of how geopolitics and strategic maneuvering works in the 21st century. Issues such as Russian natural gas pipelines into Europe and China’s “One Belt, One Road” initiative warrant close analysis, not just from an economic perspective, but also from a strategic one. RWR has the empirical information and expertise to produce such analysis based on data, not conjecture.