Macdonald Laurier Institute: Standing on Guard Post-Nexen: Chinese State-Owned Enterprises and National Security in Canada

In a spe­cial report pre­pared for CanadasMac­don­ald-Lau­ri­er Insti­tute, Roger W. Robin­son, Jr. posits that, fol­low­ing Chi­na Nation­al Off­shore Oil Cor­po­ra­tions $15 bil­lion acqui­si­tion of Canadas Nex­en, the coun­trys eco­nom­ic and secu­ri­ty com­mu­ni­ty should engage in more secu­ri­ty-mind­ed due dili­gence with respect to the activ­i­ties of Chi­nese state-owned enter­pris­es in the Cana­di­an ener­gy and oth­er indus­tri­al sec­tors. The arti­cle can be accessed here.