Uzbekistan Approves Huawei 5G After Receiving CDB Loan, Deal Follows “Smart City” Contract

On July 26, the Uzbekistan government announced plans to allow the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications to conclude contracts with Huawei for the supply of technological equipment and software relevant to 5G development. This came after Huawei and the Ministry held discussions on July 11 regarding the possibility of launching a 5G network through one of Uzbekistan’s state-owned telecommunications operators.  This decision coincided with China Development Bank announcing that it will allocate $40 million for telecommunications infrastructure projects with Uzbektelecom, a state-owned telecommunications operator. The loan will have a grace period of 1.5 years and a repayment period of 5 years.

Previously, in June, the Ministry for Development of Information Technologies and Communications signed an MoU with CITIC on the implementation of a smart city project that would involve a technological contribution from Huawei.  In 2013, Huawei also provided videoconferencing equipment for Uzbekistan’s public school system.