WSJ: RWR’s CEO, Roger Robinson, Comments on Debate Over Interpretation of Executive Order on China

In a Wall Street Journal article of December 17, 2020, titled “Government Leaders Clash Over Next Step for Trump’s Ban on Chinese Stocks,” RWR’s CEO, Roger Robinson comments on the unfolding debate over how an Executive Order (EO) issued by President trump on November 12 will be interpreted. The EO prohibited U.S. investors from holding stock in certain Chinese companies identified by the U.S. Department of Defense as being affiliated with the Chinese military, but discussion is ongoing about the breadth of the EO and, for example, whether it applies to subsidiaries.

Robinson notes of the ongoing discussion “This has become a stark debate between the security community and Treasury and who’s going to be given the mandate to interpret and execute the president’s intentions.” The outcome of the senior government discussions were expected imminently.